1. What technique & materials are used to make these toys?

A: Our toys are made by crochet technique.its made 100% handmade by women artists. The outside material is made by either Cotton yarn, acrylic yarn or is a mixture of cotton & acrylic yarn or cotton threads.Please read the Product Description for each product before buying.


2. How long is the delivery time?

A: Our toys are Made-to-order. Creating them takes 2 to 4 working days. The delivery happens within 7-9 working days post shipment.

We do our best in bringing high quality products safely to your doorstep.


3. What'sthe return policy?

A.**Disclaimer- The products are non-returnable/exchangeable. Since our products are on made-to-order basis, cancellations are not possible.

E-mail us on contact@ektaara.in in case of any Damages/Defects/Missing parts.


4. Can we wash these toys?

A. Yes, Gentle handwash with cold water & mild detergent. Air Dry naturally.